Single Origin: Colombia – Tolima

Bring a little taste of our family’s refined coffee roasting craftsmanship to your home with our organic & flavorful delicious Colombia Tolima coffee small-batch artisan roasted.

  • Light Roast
  • High Acidity, Sweet Notes, Smooth & Light Body
  • Small-Batch roasted
  • Have it as whole beans or choose your grind between French Press (coarse), Regular (medium), and Espresso (fine)




Light, Bright, & Balanced

Probably our most flavorful cup! Roasted using our carefully selected, 100% Organic Colombia Tolima coffee beans. Small-batch, lightly roasted to keep the unique taste from one of our favorite coffee-growing regions in the world. Light bodied, bright acidity, with a cinnamon and orange zest aroma that compliments its honey-like sweetness and slightly cherry tart notes for a smooth and well-balanced cup that develops in taste as it cools.

Enjoy our coffee as whole bean or ground per order to your preferred grind size.

We use our state-of-the-art commercial-grade burr grinder to ensure an even grind every single time. We grind per order to optimize the freshness of your coffee.

Ingredients:  100% Organic Colombia Tolima

Directions:  Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine for best results. Measure 2 rounded tablespoons (11g) of ground coffee for every 6 fl oz (180 ml) of water. More or less to suit your taste.


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