Gold Sauce Pumps For 64 – 90.4 oz Bottles

  • Fits Torani 64 fluid ounce (1.89 L) sauce bottles, including Chocolate, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Peppermint Bark, Caramel, Pumpkin sauces and more
  • Dispenses 1/2 fluid oz. of sauce syrup with each pump
  • Reusable & easy to clean
  • Durable & sturdy – made with high quality materials and a drip-free nozzle, can be set open or locked closed
  • Great for adding flavored sauce to coffee, mochas, frappes, desserts, ice cream, milkshakes & more
  • Also, compatible with Ghirardelli 87.3 to 90.4 ounce sauce bottles, DaVinci 64 ounce sauce bottles, and Hollander 64 ounce sauce bottles



Gold Plastic Sauce Pumps. Our Good Times Coffee Co. sauce pumps make it easy to add your favorite flavoring to your coffee, mochas, frappes, desserts, ice cream, milkshakes, and more. 

    • Drip-free Valve: Our proprietary drip-free valve was engineered to ensure that less sauce drips from the pump
    • Smooth & Sturdy: The head’s strength and sturdiness gives you a smooth stream of sauce with each pump
    • Dip Tube Reach: Our dip tube reaches all the way to the bottom of your sauce bottles. May be cut to fit shorter bottles
    • Quick Assembly: Our sauce pump snaps together and screws on with ease, making set-up and disassembly a breeze
    • Durable: Designed with durability in mind, made with a stainless steel spring and high quality, sturdy materials that will last pump after pump
    • Reusable & Easy to Clean: No more messy or sticky bottles. Pump is not dishwasher safe and must be hand-washed. SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

By ensuring a consistent amount of flavoring in each pump, you’ll easily control portioning and ultimately save on cost. Making these pumps not only perfect for your home but also your coffee shop, bar, hotel, or restaurant.


  1. Unscrew pump from sauce bottle
  2. Pull dip tube off the pump body
  3. Separate the pump parts from the body
  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and soap (Hand-wash only)
  5. Allow to air dry
  6. Carefully reassemble the pump

Additional information


Fits Torani 64 fluid ounce sauce bottles. Also, compatible with DaVinci and Hollander 64 oz. sauce bottles as well as Ghirardelli 87.3 to 90.4 oz. sauce bottles.


13.25" long when in use, 11.5" when locked. Reaches down to about 10" and while in use/open position, it stands 3.5" from the top of the bottle. Cap piece that screws on bottles is about 1.5" wide.


1 Pack, 2 Pack, 6 Pack


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